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Breaking the Silence

" Before I was really timid, I was really afraid and I couldn't speak. People came to my house and they insulted me. Alone, I started to cry, I couldn't go and see the authorities as I didn't have the strength. Thankfully, God wanted me to know ATD Fourth World and since being with them, I am now respected. " Read more


These paintings were done by Guillermo Diaz. They have been inspired from his experiences with people living in poverty from Cusco (Peru). peinture_education "I want my children to be able to go to school. I don't want them to suffer like me." Little by little this dream disappears as a piece of sugar, as water that runs through your hands.... Read more
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Our commitment here makes perfect sense

In Lima, the Movement is present in two of the most remote and abandoned communities. We can say that if supporters and volunteers of the Movement did not go there on a regular basis, the families living there would be completely excluded, living in a sort of no-man’s land. This is why our commitment here makes perfect sense. In one of these... Read more
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Making the reintegration of marginalized children our primary concern

Spotlight on the Movement for Action for the Reintegration of Marginalized Children (MAREM) in Togo The Marem was created by Lome students who wanted to help with the social reinsertion of marginalized children. Activities were held both in the streets and in the EMERA Center.  In January 2005, after conducting both field and documentary... Read more
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Change should come from the community itself

In the province of South Kivu, the town of Uvira is built on the shore of Lake Tanganyka. For several years, the people have suffered greatly because of the war and the actions of various armed groups. Several adults, driven by the same concern, formed the Uvira Group of Farmers and Breeders (GGEU). They grow rice, wheat, sweet potatoes, manioc... Read more
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