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Online commemoration of International Day for Eradication of Poverty 2021

On the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP), the United Nations ensures that the knowledge, contributions, and experience of people living in poverty are recognized and celebrated. This year, the theme of IDEP was “Building Forward Together: Ending Persistent Poverty, Respecting all People and our Planet’’ and... Read more
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A great treasure

In August 2021 ATD Fourth World’s International Center near Paris welcomed a German couple, Manuela and Charly Wendt. They brought with them a great treasure, a story. Here it is: On May 30, 1992 in Berlin on the occasion of the inauguration of a replica of the commemorative stone for the victims of extreme poverty, Fourth World families... Read more
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Human rights and extreme poverty

Persistent Poverty: How Real Equality Can Break the Cycle “Equality of opportunities is at the heart of our understanding of a just society. This ideal is based on a simple conviction: no child should be penalized for being born in poverty. However, it is far from being realized today.” Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme... Read more

At the heart of all the dispossession of power to act

Sister Therese R. is a correspondent of the Forum for Overcoming poverty in Lebanon. Reading the report on the hidden dimensions of poverty made her think about the bond she has created with Josianne at the Beitouna association in Lebanon. Josianne decided on her own to come to Beitouna. Someone had told her this was a place where she could find... Read more
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The "Hidden dimensions of poverty" report helps us to position ourselves

I have been working since the last 20 years with waste pickers on the landfill site, in New Delhi. It is the capital of India, and we are actually sitting on a mountain of garbage. So there are thousands of waste pickers involved, in the landfill site and the city, cleaning up, picking up, without any medical protection in the sense like gloves... Read more
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