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The crown of peace

When I was a child my mother always used to say that “the best way to respond to violence is with peace” and “if you have friends who love peace then work with them to spread the word”. I remember the day when she set up a big blackboard at home, headed “love and peace chart”, with a column for each child. At... Read more
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We are making our contribution

Since I was a child, I have been around street children whom my parents support. Sometimes they would stay and have lunch with us. Theater has also been with me since I was a child: I studied anthropology while wanting to be a great actor. My first experience with a group of children made me understand that my vocation was not to be a great actor... Read more
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My heart is in this stone

In the United Nation’s Human Rights Building in Geneva, in the main entrance hall, we are struck by a marvelous, shiny sculpture. It looks like an antique vessel filled with small stones. On its top, there is a mobile: sails? twigs? This vessel – in the form of a tree – is filled, just like a treasure, with the precious stones... Read more
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When the theatre is a second family

In Algeria, there is a distinct lack of cultural facilities for young people. The only place in which they can express themselves is out on the streets. But they are nonetheless keen to take part in theatre, music, art and all other kinds of cultural and artistic expression. Azzedine joined the youth club in his home town at an early age,... Read more
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Different inhabitants of Salpiiga have been interviewed for the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty in 2018. Here is an excerpt of what they shared:  "Mahamadu M. is my name. I am 82years old. I have one wife and 5 children. I am a farmer but has no support to expand my farming business. My house has collapsed due to the heavy... Read more