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Building Forward Together: Ending Persistent Poverty, Respecting all People and our Planet

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Sofia - Monday 18 October 2021 - Art Gallery, within different meeting outside under tents

Event report

An exhibition marking the World for overcoming Extreme Poverty Day 2021 took place between 18 and 20 October.

Visitors had the opportunity to discover its various parts, fruits of regular dialogues with people experiencing poverty and of initiatives with children and their families as part of the struggle to build a bridge with education. Anyone could come, sit down and look at the photos and movies revealing the world of these initiatives.
The first interactive workshop took place around a participatory research called “The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty”.

Participants shared how resisting to poverty is exhausting their abilities. "Because of our poverty situation, our hands are damaged by the constant carrying of luggage."
"Extreme poverty is a torture. Poverty can be fatal; not only a person can get sick, but he can also die. He became seriously ill and could not work."

Two other events took place on Tuesday: an artistic workshop with clay and the screening of the film "Crafts by Heritage" from Stolipinovo / Plovdiv /. It presents the work of various craftmen from the neighborhood. After the screening, a short discussion began. The director said that it was good for the film to be screened in Sofia and to see the many positive reactions.
On the third day, a meeting of the members of the Network Against Poverty was held. It was the first meeting not online, as this network has started in 2021. It continues its work on four main topics: access to housing, healthcare, ID cards and education.
The closing of this exhibition is not the end! This is the beginning of a new year of engagements! Let’s put an end poverty all together!

Event description

Bulgaria, from Monday to Wednesday, we are starting a 3 days exhibition in an Art Gallery, within different meeting outside under tents.
We'll present the 5' video about the Hidden Dimensions of Poverty in Bulgarian for the 1st time, and also it will be the first meeting of the new National Network against Poverty. Both of them required a long process.

You can look at the presentation in Bulgarian and English on our Facebook page: