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Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice for all

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London - Saturday 17 October 2020 - Sustainable Saturday 17th October

This project is going to be a Campaign Platform for Sustainable Chocolate, researching and disseminating knowledge to consumers who in turn can pressure for change. Most importantly we hope that we create a platform for the Cocoa Farmers, to tell their story and give them a voice and power. As October 17th is also during Chocolate Week in UK and this day has always been so important we are going to be launching our ‘crowdfunding campaign’ on this day!

This is how we expect the day to go so far

Sustainable Saturday 17th October

Session 1

1-2 pm (BST): Welcome and Introduction

                       Crowdfunding and Campaign Platform Launch

                       History of UN World Day for Eradication of Poverty ( Video ) 

                       What does eradicating poverty in the chocolate industry mean to people?  

Session 2

3-4pm (BST):  The Chocolate War:  Interview with Miki Mistrati and Terry Collingsworth 

Session 3

5-6pm (BST):  Panel Discussions / Q&A

                       How do we measure what is ethical and sustainable?  

                       Coming together:  Can Consumers Create Change?

And this is how you can get involved:

Please help us by making some quick video clips that we can feature during the day:

Video clip 1:    Face close up saying one word you would chose to reflect the importance of sustainability and ethics in chocolate,

Video clip 2:  60 seconds or less, saying what does eradicating poverty in chocolate industry mean to you.  Please start sentence with you name and location

Video clip 3 and/or Stills:  Markers and Farmers, please send us any short clips we may use of background shots of farm, process, environment, people, relevant that we can add to a montage.  

Interviews:  Those who are not available for live panel and want to contribute as we may have discussed please send me your availability from 28 Sept - 9 Oct to arrange Zoom.

Please send any videos by Friday 9th October

We will also be making a 1-3 min video for the crowdfunder page and please let us know if you are happy for your clip to be featured within this too?

United Kingdom