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Answering the call of October 17 to end poverty: A path to peaceful and inclusive societies

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St. Louis - Tuesday 17 October 2017 - Women Empowering Women Luncheon

We are launching a women's group on October17, "Women Empowering Women" to commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Two guest speakers will address poverty in our community and globally, specifically in Bangladesh.

It will be an educational event as we hope to create some passion around poverty eradication among the attendees – both for those living in poverty locally and those around the world. We will show a video recently taken of extremely poor families in Bangladesh who we are serving and who need to be served and have a speaker talk about recent poverty statistics in St. Louis, Missouri where our office is located.

Partners in Sustainable Development International (PSDI) is a nonprofit that promotes and supports the eradication of poverty in rural areas of Bangladesh using a holistic model that involves families in their uplift.

5200 Shaw Ave.
St. Louis
United States

New Orleans - Tuesday 17 October 2017 - March and brass band

On Tuesday, October 17, beginning at 5:00 p.m., we will have march though a segment of the Seventh Ward community. We will be accompanied by Mardi Gras Indians and a brass band along the walk, as well as a DJ who will accompany us with music for the block party that will follow.

New Orleans
United States

New Orleans - Sunday 15 October 2017 - Concert and poem

On Sunday, October 15 at 5:00 p.m. we will have a concert as part of the Trinity Episcopal Artist Series. The concert will include spiritual, gospel, and contemporary music, as well as a poem written by Henri Fourroux, entitled, "The Fourth Language."  The concert will be followed with refreshments.

New Orleans
United States

Helsinksi - Tuesday 17 October 2017 - Night of the Homelessness

EAPN Finland participates in the “Night of the Homelessness” with around 30 happenings all over the country.

The main event of the city of Helsinki will be held in dal park, starting at 17h. There's also a torch procession through the city.

Asunnottomien yö YK:n köyhyyden vastaisena päivänä 17.10.

YK:n kansainvälistä päivää köyhyyden poistamiseksi vietetään vuosittain 17. lokakuuta. Suomessa päivää on vietetty vuodesta 2002 lähtien Asunnottomien yön merkeissä. Asunnottomien yö -kansalaisliike tukee jokaisen perusoikeutta vakinaiseen asuntoon, omaan kotiin. Asunnottomien yön kansalaisliikkeen järjestämiä tapahtumia on järjestetty vuosittain vähintään 20 paikkakunnalla, mikä tekee siitä yhden suurimmista sosiaali- ja terveysalan vuosittaisista mielenilmauksista.

Lähde mukaan järjestämään toimintaa 17.10.!

Suomen köyhyyden ja syrjäytymisen vastainen verkosto EAPN-Fin kutsuu kansalaisia ja sosiaali- ja terveysalan järjestöjä järjestämään toimintaa ja tapahtumia päivän aikana. Lisätietoa Asunnottomien yö -kansalaisliikkeen toiminnasta löytyy verkkosivuilta Sivuille kootaan tiedot ympäri Suomen järjestettävistä tapahtumista ja niitä mainostetaan myös kansalaisliikkeen viestintäkanavissa. Sivuilta saa käyttöönsä myös Asunnottomien yön logon.

Lisätietoja Asunnottomien yö -kansalaisliikeestä


Glasgow - Tuesday 17 October 2017 - Challenge Poverty Week #CPW17 from 15 – 21 October – “Challenge Poverty in Scotland? Aye, we can!”

The Poverty Alliance is organising Challenge Poverty Week #CPW17  from 15 – 21 October – “Challenge Poverty in Scotland? Aye, we can!” – gathering all organisations tackling poverty to showcase their initiatives across Scotland to political leaders. Activities can be found on the Calendar of Activities.   If you have an activity planned in Scotland, no matter how big or small, taking place online or offline, you can contact Rachel [dot] thomson [at] povertyalliance [dot] org (Rachel Thomson) or phone +44 (0)141 353 0440.

United Kingdom