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Building Forward Together: Ending Persistent Poverty, Respecting all People and our Planet

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Kibera - Monday 17 October 2016 - 17 October 2016 - Kibera

Event report


Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms. Hi friends, thanks for the people who turned up for the poverty reflection both yesterday and today, the youths from Edmund Rice, the Kosovo Forum Initiative, CLM rep Patrick Matara and children and many more. There were individuals and youths who led the reflection and sharing of the issues relating to poverty.

Sr. Joan was the key speaker for that day with; Tonny Odundo who spoke on who the society have neglected, people living with disability and as a society what we should do to make them part of us.

Lucy, she also talked on how the youth and the community can work together to be a friend to the friendless through: games, sharing meals, being with them, appreciating their situation and collaboratively teach them.

Bety Kiema, who is physically challenged and working at Tangaza University talked on small basic things; like boarding a public transport, an opening that might harm a blind person walking along the corridor, crossing the road e.t.c , things we do that make challenged people feel discriminated. She said that people living with disability is a gift to humanity, we should make them feel included.

All your contributions has contributed to the global effort of awareness on the lingering poverty across the world being experienced by Fourth World groups and individuals in the communities, thank you again for the time you spent to reflect and stand in solidarity with the people who have lost hope in life and some who have suffered death. This activity has made us join hands with the rest of the world who are in support of the ATD Fourth World Movement, may our great lord protect and bless every each one of you. Great thanks to the Edmund Rice Director and brother, Peter Cole for leading special prayer according to the charism of Edmund Rice.

Standing in solidarity with the fourth world people...thinking and reflecting the influence of extreme poverty in the lives of the ordinary individuals in Kenya and the rest of the world especially those who live within the informal settlement.

Event description

YSMEG (Young Single Mothers Empowerment Group) in Kenya will have a 17 October event in Kibera with several youth groups. We also hope to visits students at Tangaza University to have a reflection workshop.