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Acting together to empower children, their families and communities to end poverty

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New Orleans - Monday 17 October 2016 - Open House

There will be a 17 October open house at the ATD Fourth World office in New Orleans to celebrate the World Day for Overcoming Poverty.

1430 St Anthony St
New Orleans
United States

Helsinki - Monday 17 October 2016 - Asunnottomien yö YK:n kansainvälisenä päivänä köyhyyden poistamiseksi 17.10.2016

YK:n kansainvälistä päivää köyhyyden poistamiseksi vietetään vuosittain 17. lokakuuta. YK:n kestävän kehityksen toimintaohjelma, Agenda2030, hyväksyttiin viime vuonna. Toimintaohjelman kautta myös Suomi on sitoutunut tavoitteeseen puolittaa köyhyys vuoteen 2030 mennessä. 17.10. on järjestöillä ja muilla toimijoilla mahdollisuus muistuttaa tarvittavista toimista tuon tavoitteen saavuttamiseksi.

Asunnottomuus ja köyhyys liittyvät toisiinsa

Asumisen hinta on yksi suurimmista kaupunkiköyhyyden aiheuttajista. Asumisen kalleus aiheuttaa myös asunnottomuutta. Suomessa YK:n kansainvälistä päivää köyhyyden poistamiseksi on vietetty vuodesta 2002 lähtien Asunnottomien yön merkeissä. Asunnottomien yö -kansalaisliike tukee jokaisen perusoikeutta vakinaiseen asuntoon, omaan kotiin. Asunnottomien yön kansalaisliikkeen järjestämiä tapahtumia on järjestetty vuosittain vähintään 20 paikkakunnalla, mikä tekee siitä yhden suurimmista sosiaali- ja terveysalan vuosittaisista mielenilmauksista.

Lähde mukaan järjestämään toimintaa 17.10.!

Asunnottomien yö -kansalaisliike kutsuu kansalaisia ja järjestöjä järjestämään toimintaa ja tapahtumia päivän aikana. Lisätietoa Asunnottomien yö -kansalaisliikkeen toiminnasta löytyy näiltä verkkosivuilta. Näiltä sivuilta saa käyttöönsä myös Asunnottomien yön logon.

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Stanford - Monday 17 October 2016 - Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City

Monday, October 17, 2016

4:30 pm

Free admission and open to the public

Today, poor families are facing one of the worst affordable housing crises in generations. Many are spending almost all they have to live in decrepit housing in our cities’ worst neighborhoods. What it means to be poor in America today is to be crushed by the high cost of housing and evicted when you inevitably fall behind.

In this lecture, based on his groundbreaking book (Crown Publishers, 2016) of the same name, Harvard sociologist and 2015 MacArthur “Genius” award winner Matthew Desmond takes us into Milwaukee to introduce us to eight families on the edge of eviction, and two landlords who profit in spite – or because – of the poverty of their tenants. He shows that for the poorest families in America, eviction has become routine, and its effects are devastating.

Eviction, Desmond shows, encapsulates in a single, hard moment the depths of our nation’s poverty, the brokenness of our housing policy, and the human costs of a crisis caused by low incomes and high rents. This moment, when the ramifications of the crisis are felt most acutely, also offers a window into extreme poverty, economic exploitation, and human perseverance. Look at eviction and you arrive at a bigger truth: the centrality of home, without which nothing else is possible.

Matthew Desmond is the John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University and Co-Director of the Justice and Poverty Project. A former member of the Harvard Society of Fellows, he is the author of the award-winning book, On the Fireline, co-author of two books on race, and editor of a collection of studies on severe deprivation in America.

Event Co-Sponsor(s):  Program on Urban Studies, American Constitution Society, American Studies Program, Center on Poverty and Inequality, Haas Center for Public Service, Just Communities Initiative, Organizational Behavior(GSB), Sociology Department, Stanford Law School.   Contact Email:  dmfields [at] stanford [dot] edu   Contact Phone:  650-725-1731   More Information:
Obendorf Event Center GSB - Knight Management Center, North Building, room 302
United States

New Delhi - Thursday 13 October 2016 - Drum Out Poverty 2016 - YouTube Vigil

13th - 17th October - Drum Out Poverty, India and YouTube Vigil

On the 13th of October, we envisage one group of a thousand children in New Delhi, India making music with buckets to highlight water and sanitation issues which is Goal 6 under the Sustainable Development Goals.

On the 14th, which is World Poverty Day, we will begin uploading short video submissions of children/young citizens from all over the world, making music with either formal, traditional or innovative percussion instruments to raise awareness about the SDGs.

Between 8 and 9 pm of your time zones you are invited to spend an hour promoting these videos that will be posted on our Facebook page (Link below) and therefore the goals.


New Delhi

Norwood - Friday 21 October 2016 - Power To The Poor - Silent No More

The voices and struggles of low-income people will be at the centre of this unique conference. These voices have been ignored in the development of often harsh government policies.

Join us for two days of conversation, stories, and learning about ways to get active, at the only Anti-Poverty Week event organised by poor people!! We will be exploring the punishing, humiliating policies making life tougher for those out of work, and living in poverty, and how we can struggle together for justice and respect.

There will be a strong focus on the voices and insights of low-income people, whose views and experiences have been ignored for too long.

Featured sessions include discussions on unemployment, homelessness and housing, disability, Job Agencies, domestic violence, Work For The Dole, sole parents, Compulsory Income Management, climate change and poverty, and mental health and poverty.

This event will be held on 21st and 22nd of October.

For more information contact:

Pas Forgione

P: 0411587663 E: antipovertynetwork [dot] sa [at] gmail [dot] com W: Fb: Or:

Clayton Wesley Uniting Church Portrush Road