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Geneva - Monday 17 October 2016 - Geneva - 17th October at the United Nations

Event report

Testimonials from persons living in poverty resounded loud and clear at the Palais des Nations today.

Participants at a special event marking the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, organized at UN Geneva with the NGO ATD Quart Monde, gained insights into the daily struggles and discrimination faced by those living in poverty. Speaking at the opening of the event, UN Geneva Director-General Michael Møller reminded the audience of the imperative to strive towards ending poverty in all its forms, everywhere, as stated in the very first of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The event placed an emphasis on the need for participation of people living in poverty in the decisions affecting them and their communities, to work together on solutions. A short film showed the example of tackling housing problems in a participative way in Rwanda, followed by concluding remarks by H.E. François Xavier Ngarambe, Ambassador and Permanent representative of Rwanda - Rwanda Mission Geneva.

People also discovered The Letter's Colours exhibition on view at the Palais des Nations, put together by the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty, which publicizes the actions and initiatives of people around the world who are rallying to fight against poverty.

The exhibition showcases extracts of articles taken from the "Letter to Friends Around the World". This publication by NGO ATD Quart Monde relates specific situations experienced by individuals or groups working to end extreme poverty, and sheds light on the initiatives they are driving, as well as their courage and efforts. The extracts are accompanied by drawings by Hélène Perdereau.

UN Photo/ Pierre Albouy

#IDEP2016 #EndPoverty

Event description

The United Nations Office at Geneva and the International Movement ATD Fourth World have the pleasure to invite you to a commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty "Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: ending poverty in all its forms" With a focus on the right to adequate housing

Monday, 17 October 2016 at 15h00 Room XXIII, Building E, Palais des Nations  

The international community has repeatedly reaffirmed its commitment to overcoming extreme poverty, and yet today many countries are still struggling to find strategies to effectively reach those who are the most disadvantaged, especially on the issue of the right to adequate housing. In Resolution A/RES/70/210 adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 22nd December 2015, Member States acknowledge the importance of making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.  

Nevertheless, in many places around the world, millions of poor families still live in improper and unsafe accommodation with a lack of basic services – public transport, water, sanitation, or electricity. The shift towards urbanization, with 6 out of every 10 people in the world expected to reside in urban areas by 2030, has also led to a growth of overcrowded slums with escalating poverty and unemployment, safety and crime problems, pollution and health issues, as well as poorly managed natural or man-made disasters and other catastrophes due to the effects of climate change.  

The commemoration of the Day this year will therefore look at some of the special challenges faced by people living in extreme poverty in accessing decent housing.  It will also highlight the benefits for governments and civil society organizations to provide opportunities for those directly concerned to be able to participate in efforts to provide decent housing.

Within the context of the forthcoming Habitat 3 Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Quito from 17 to 20 October, the commemoration will offer an opportunity to develop approaches to poverty and urbanization that will ensure that no one is left behind.  

The Palais des Nations observance will feature:

*a message from the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon  ·        

*a welcoming statement from the UNOG Director-General, Mr. Michael Møller a video statement by Ms. Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing

*contributions from the October 17th Coalition in Geneva, from Agnès Dumas, ATD representative, Switzerland, and Mr Radek Maturana, Assistant Director, Department of Social Service, Geneva,

*followed by an interactive dialogue a video on the project in Rwanda, “Promoting participation of all in the country’s modernisation”

*concluding remarks by H. E. Ambassador François Xavier NGARAMBÉ from the Permanent Mission of Rwanda

*presentation of an exhibit from the ATD Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty, "The Colours of our Letters"

To get your accreditation in time, please send before 14th October, your full name (as stated on your identity card required to enter the United Nations) to equipe [dot] geneve [at] atd-quartmonde [dot] org. The time and place for the meeting will be communicated in reply.


London - Saturday 15 October 2016 - Poverty = Discrimination: Live music with a message

Event report

Photos from the Poverty = Discrimination event at the jazz crypt camberwell. Hosted by ATD Fourth World.

Event description

Join us for a night of music and entertainment with a message.

Held at the renowned Jazzlive at The Crypt St Giles, this event marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Show your solidarity with people affected by poverty. Help us to challenge the negative attitudes held towards people who are experiencing poverty.

ATD FOURTH WORLD works in partnership with people affected by poverty. We are commitment to representing people living in poverty. We work alongside those we represent, as only together will we find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty in the UK. You can find out more on the night about our commitment to fighting poverty and if you would like to GET INVOLVED this would be the perfect opportunity to find out how.

Saturday 15th October from 7.30pm

St Giles Church Camberwell Church Street
United Kingdom

Manila - Monday 17 October 2016 - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17th October 2016 in Manila, Philippines

Event description

We are glad to invite you for the celebration of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17th October 2016 in Manila.

The International Day has been observed around the world as a day to remember and honour the daily struggles of people living in poverty: “It’s our day. We can say what we have in our hearts without shame or embarrassment.” This year, the theme of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty adopted by the UN is “Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms.” We hope we will celebrate this day together.

OCTOBER 17th 2016,
7.00am to 4.00pm

(registration starts at 6.30am)
Luneta park, open auditorium

In the program:

- theatre play,
- government’s response (DILG, DepEd),
- message of organizations,
- afternoons workshops (Street Library, beat box,  singing workshop etc.)



For any further information and pre-registration please contact Jeremy 0929-2177-039


Luneta Park Roxas Blvd Ermita, Barangay 666 Zone 72

Glasgow - Monday 17 October 2016 - Rights into Reality: Human Rights in a Fairer Scotland

Event report

Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty 2016

Rights to Reality: Human Rights in a Fairer Scotland

Monday 17th October 2016, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

There were great discussions today from both people with direct experience of poverty and an impressive panel on human rights, poverty and brexit.

ATD Fourth World presented to the workshop:

 Getting Heard: The Right to Participate.

Please find below ATD Fourth World's contribution to this workshop.

Event description

7th Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty


Monday 17 October 2016

09:30am  – 16:30pm

Since 2010 the Poverty Alliance has been organising the annual Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty. This has become an event that brings together people with experience of poverty, community and voluntary organisations, activists, trades unions, policy makers and politicians, researchers: anyone with an interest in making a bigger impact on poverty.

More than just another conference, it is a forum where we can learn from each other, debate and plan action. 

In the uncertain context that now exists in Scotland and the UK for tackling poverty, this year's Assembly will look at what opportunities exist to push forward action to address poverty. We have joined with the Scottish Human Rights Commission and NHS Health Scotland to focus human rights based approaches can be used to make progress.

A series of workshops will look at key areas where rights based approaches can be used to help tackle poverty and inequality. 

As well as sharing practical ideas and experience on using rights based approaches, the Assembly will also provide an opportunity to look the Scottish Government's new Fairer Scotland Action Plan and to debate how we can best ensure that new social security powers are used to combat poverty.

With the decision to leave the EU throwing a new shadow over our efforts to tackle poverty, it is more critical than ever to come together to discuss, debate and plan action to address poverty. 

The Assembly will take place on the annual UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, and is part of Challenge Poverty Week 2017. 

Draft Agenda

Morning Session

10.00:           Welcome and Introductions

10.10:           Opening Plenary: Poverty, Human  Rights and Brexit

  • Judith Robertson, Chair, Scottish Human Rights Commission

  • Professor Kenneth Armstrong, University of Cambridge

  • David Martin MEP (tbc)

  • Dr Ima Jackson, Migrant Voice/Glasgow Caledonian University (tbc)

11.15:           Coffee & Networking

11.45            Fairer Scotland: Progress Update

The 6th Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty looked at how we create a fairer Scotland. One year on we will be looking at the Scottish Government’s new Fairer Scotland Action which came out of last year’s consultation. This session will be a participatory discussion looking at the opportunities that the new Action Plan provides.


13.00            Lunch & Poverty Alliance AGM

Afternoon Session


14:00            Turning Rights into Reality: Practical Experiences


1.       The Right to Health

2.       Securing Adequate Incomes 

3.       Getting Heard: the Right to Participate

4.       The Right to Housing

15.00            Break


15.15            The Future of Social Security in Scotland: Political Panel Debate

                    Including contributions from Jeane Freeman MSP (tbc), Minister for Social Secuirty and Co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party, Patrick Harvie MSP. Other speakers to be confirmed. 

16.30            Final summary and close

Thanks to the Scottish Human Rights Commission and NHS Health Scotland for their support for this event.

Please note that reasonable travel and caring expenses will be reimbursed to individuals living on a low income.

To register for this event, please click here:

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2 Sauchiehall Street
United Kingdom

Taipei - Saturday 15 October 2016 - Taiwan - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Event report


時間: 2016/10/15
地點: 台北火車站站前廣場


我想跟大家分享的第一件事就是,今天大家聚集在這裡,只有一個理由;我們今天聚集在這裡,只有一個原因;我們今天聚集在這裡,只為了一個主角;那個主角就 是赤貧的人,被排斥的人。我們今天聚集在這裡,不是因為我們高興,不是因為我們的信仰,也不是因為我們有什麼理念,而是為了我們長久忽略的、常常視而不見 的主角,像卜派這樣的人。剛剛我在群眾中一看到他,我就覺得非常非常安心,因為我們今天做的所有的工作,所走的路,是為他們做的,是為他們走的,是為他們 做見證的;所以我非常高興像卜派這樣的朋友能站在這裡,他們讓我們今天的遊行、我們今天的聚會有了明確的指向和目標。我們喊一下我們的口號好不好? 【終止飢餓,為愛而走;拒絕赤貧,為愛而走】!這是我今天最想和大家分享的第一件事,我們聚集在一起,是為了我們赤貧的朋友,他們是我們的核心,他們是我 們的主角。

第二個我想跟大家分享的是,我們現在所站的地方是台北車站,我大概民國五十八年就到台北來唸書,那個時候的台北車站不是這個樣子,很古老,前面很繁華,後 面比較落後一點。這個車站,像個大磁鐵,吸引各地來的人,來來往往,追求人生的夢想。今天我們看到的大台北,車水馬龍,那麼樣的繁華,這麼多的高樓大廈; 但我可以告訴大家,大台北今天的光彩奪目,其實是半個世紀以來,南往北來許多逐夢人、一無所有的人、底層的勞工和貧窮人,付出心血、貢獻勞力打造出來的結 果。以台北車站為聚集點,他們從南部、從中部、從東部、從高山地區、從海島一隅,來到台北,以雙手形塑一個偉大城市的新面貌。但是,我們千萬不要忘了,大 台北光鮮亮麗的背後與過程,其實是外來移民、勞工、貧窮人共同奉獻的成果。台北不單是有錢人的台北,更應當是貧窮人的台北。我剛才提到的卜派,如果你們有 空,跟著他去走走,他可以告訴你,原來大安森林公園曾經是違建和很多貧窮人聚集的地方;萬華地區許許多多的角落,有著千千萬萬貧窮人和逐夢人夢碎的記憶; 他還可以告訴你,我們的蘆洲、新莊、三重、中和、永和、土城這一帶,外來移民艱苦奮鬥、求生存的故事。所以,如果我們今天站在台北火車站、做為一個台北 人,卻忘記了貧窮人的存在與貢獻,那麼我們的台北是不完整的。同樣地,如果台灣的社會忽略了貧窮人,我們的社會也是不完整的;如果我們對貧窮人的歷史完全 沒有感覺,不知道他們為我們國家和社會付出了那麼多的心血,那麼,我們的歷史同樣是不完整的。當然,如果沒有貧窮人,我們的教會更不會是完整的;貧窮人是 讓我們合一最重要的元素,這不是我講的,是基督宣講福音一開頭就告訴我們的。只有貧窮人才能讓我們真正團結,其他的東西,只能帶來表面、短暫、虛偽的合 一,禁不起考驗。

最後,我想跟各位說的是,拒絕貧窮也好,終止飢餓也好,在這條路上我們不是alone。今天不單只有我們聚集在這裡,全世界的人,在今天,還有十月十七 號,都會因為貧窮這個主題,在世界各個不同的地方集合,有的可能人少一點,有的多一點;有的報導少一些,有的多一些;不過,今天,我們不是孤獨的,有許多 許多的人,想改變自己、改變我們的社會、改變我們的歷史、改變我們的國家。我很歡喜接受剛剛第四世界運動台灣小組的朋友們遞交給我的宣言和建議書,我希望 能夠在我的位子上,督促我們的政府,聆聽赤貧者的呼求與教導。此外,今天冒雨遊行中,看到這麼多年輕的學生來參加,心中充滿希望。能把貧窮人放在年輕人心 靈最深的地方,你們一定會是一切改革的基礎,是我們國家社會真正的棟樑。


Event description

The International Day will be celebrated in Taipei in front of Taipei main station.

on 15th of October, from 9:00 - 14:00.

It is being organised by JPIC (interfaith committee for Peace and Justice) with the partnership of ATD Fourth World.

Taipei Main Station Zhongzheng District, Zhongxiao W. Rd.49號南港火車站