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Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice for all

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Limerick - Thursday 15 October 2015 - Artwork for booklet

Event report

A large group gathered in Hospital Family Resource Centre to launch artwork to mark UN Day for the Elimination of Poverty October 17th. Speakers included Breda Heelan and Pauline Dore who participated in the project, Leonie Kearns of Doras Lumni and Mark Hogan Chairperson of ADT Ireland. The art works are on display in Hospital FRC for public viewing for the next 2 weeks and it is hoped to tour FRCs and public libraries in the coming months.

Event description

We will work to frame artworks created in 2014 and produce a booklet to describe the art pieces and the stories behind them. A booklet launch and an art exhibition will be held in each FRC on 17th October to include art display, speaker and fair trade refreshments. People directly experiencing poverty will describe their work and will participate in a tour of each FRC in the region to raise awareness of UN Day.

For more information, please contact: hospitalfrc [at] eircom [dot] net

Knockainey Road, Hospital Hospital Family Resource Centre