Theme for 2015
"Building a sustainable future: Coming together to end poverty and discrimination"
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Dublin - Saturday 17 October 2015 - UN #EndPoverty Day Commemoration at the Dublin "Human Rights and Poverty Stone"

Event report

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Event description

The Irish 17 October Committee invites citizens to join community groups and officials to mark the UN Day,

Saturday 17 October at 11am at the "Human Rights and Poverty Stone" (close to the Famine Statues on Custom House Quay, Dublin 1).

Follow the preparation of the event on the twitter account @17octcomIRL

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Naila - Saturday 17 October 2015 - For a Future in Justice and Dignity!

Event report

„UNO-Welttag zur Überwindung von Armut und Ausgrenzung“ in Naila – Für eine Zukunft in Gerechtigkeit und Würde

Vielleicht hätte sich Dietrich Bonhoeffer gefreut über all die verschiedenen Menschen im Widerstand gegen Armut und Ausgrenzung. Das gesamte Bonhoefferhaus wurde am 17. 10. zu einem „begehbaren UNO-Welttag“. Ulla Findeiß von der Kirchengemeinde und Hilde Herbolzheimer mit ihrem Team der Mehrgenerationen-Projektschmiede sorgten für die Bewirtung. Bürgermeister Frank Stumpf aus Naila nahm sich Zeit für ein Grußwort und für die Begegnung mit den Teilnehmenden. Die gut besuchten Workshops von Inge Einsiedel-Müller (Singen), Katrin Hermann (Kunst) und Klaus Mallwitz (Schauspiel) eröffneten kreative Wege, sich dem Thema zu nähern....

17. Oktober 2015 – Festveranstaltung in Naila / Oberfranken
unter dem Motto „für eine Zukunft in Gerechtigkeit und Würde“

Veranstalter: f. i. t.- Projekt „Sichtbar, aber auch nicht stumm…“ in Zusammenarbeit mit weiteren Organisationen
Auf Einladung von Annette Rodenberg nahmen in diesem Jahr 4 Personen aus Neudorf/ Uckermark an der Festveranstaltung anläßlich des UNO – Welttages zur Überwindung von Armut und Ausgrenzung teil...

Löcher im sozialen Netz

Um Armut zu bekämpfen, braucht es politische Lösungen. Darin sind sich Politiker aus der Region bei einer Diskussion in Naila einig. Anlass ist der Uno-Welttag gegen Armut.

Event description

We are celebrating the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (in this country and world-wide)  

Theme: For a Future in Justice and Dignity!  

Saturday, 17 October 2015 at 2pm.

95119 Naila, Bonhoefferhaus, Albin-Klöber-Str. 9:

Albin-Klöber-Str. 9 Bonhoefferhaus

New Orleans - Saturday 17 October 2015 - Building a sustainable future: Coming together to end poverty and discrimination

Event report

A beautiful blue sky, very pleasant temperatures. We gathered around 3pm that day at A.L. Davis Park in Central City. At first just a handful of us, but by 3.30 it was nearly 60 people getting ready to march. The Royal Players Brass Band started playing and opened the march. We had colorful banners that were prepared by the children of the Street Libraries the weeks before the event. Marching in music on the streets, people came out the see what was going on. Some would look at the banners “Dignity Not Poverty” and “Leave No One Behind” and would give a thumb up or nod with their head to express their approval.

The march ended at First Street Peck Wesley United Methodist Church. There, we had snacks and drinks for people to relieve their thirst. The band left us, going to another event, and we entered the church where Rev. Orphe welcomed us all. Mr Troy Douse –who lives in the 7th Ward- was our Master of Ceremony and lead 50 of us through a simple yet very touching commemoration.

After the more formal part of the commemoration, we watched a short video that was showing different perspectives on the theme for this year’s event Building a sustainable Future: Coming together to end poverty and discrimination. We then divided ourselves into small groups. A collective art workshop was used in each group as an ice breaker. Braiding pieces of fabric before braiding our respective experiences.

The braids were then assembled to form a chain. Groups gathered to form a human chain while singing Lean on me.

We ended our gathering with a shared meal prepared with much love by community members. Every participant left with a piece of braid, a material memory of the day.

Event description

We believe some of the factors that play a major role in” Building a  sustainable future: Coming together to end poverty and discrimination” are; Solidarity, shared responsibility, commitment, respecting the dignity of each person , mobilization, and linking poverty & Human Rights. On October 17, 2015 The New Orleans team has planned an eventful and informative day for the community!

October 17th is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty! In recognition and solidarity, we will be marching from AL Davis Park to United Methodist Church on Dryades St. in recognition of people facing poverty here in New Orleans and all over the world. The march is open to anyone and everyone!

There will be snacks at the church and we will have some team building activities, live testimonies, and a video presentation with local community leaders.

We will have a collective art workshop with fabric pieces at the United Methodist Church as well. If possible, bring a piece of fabric around 21x2-3 inches for the project.

There will be kids activities too with Ms. Hao.

Order of Event   

March against poverty

Video Presentation

Collective Creative Art

Story circle

Solemn Commemoration

Shared meal

2309 Dryades Street, First Street Peck Wesley United Methodist Church,Rev. Martha Orphe
New Orleans
United States

Glasgow - Saturday 17 October 2015 - Poverty is a Violation of Human Rights

Event report

Today the UN day for the Eradication of poverty, we held a small gathering in George Square. We heard testimonies from people with direct experience of poverty, a small drama skit and singing from Lodging House Mission choir.

People were invited to write messages on their feelings of poverty and throw them into a symbolic black hole, created by a Gorbal's artist. We finished the event off with home made bread and Jam made by the Gorbal's High Rise Bakers. Thanks to everyone who help put this day together and to all who attended

Event description

Come and join us for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty at George Square, Glasgow on October 17th, 12-1pm. We will gather to hear from people experiencing poverty, we will celebrate courage and resillience, and we will share commitments to action to eradicate poverty.

Together, with Bridging the Gap and ATD Fourth World, we believe poverty is a violation of human rights. However, we also believe it is not inevitable. We can challenge it but we must do so by having those with direct experience of poverty lead the movement for change.

Nothing About Us, Without Us, Is For Us.

George Square George St
United Kingdom

Clinchco - Saturday 17 October 2015 - Building a Sustainable Future: Coming Together to End Poverty and Discrimination

Event report

Event description

There will be a celebration at the Senior Citizen Center in Clinchco, Virginia, USA, at 1:30pm.

Presentations and music followed by a community potluck dinner.

Main Sreet
United States