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Acting together to empower children, their families and communities to end poverty

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New Orleans - Sunday 20 October 2013 - New Orleans, Louisiana - October 20th, 2013

Event report

In New Orleans, the Word Day for Overcoming Poverty was marked at the ATD Fourth World 7th Ward Neighborhood Center on Sunday, Oct. 20.

Friends and members both new and old gathered for a program that focused on personal testimonies of struggles and strength in front of situations of poverty and exclusion. Many people spoke or presented for the first time, including Troy who told about why it’s important for him to encourage young people, especially the young men around him, to continue with school.

Troy knows himself the added difficulties life presents without a solid education behind you and he looks for ways to share that knowledge with young people. He said, “The other day I saw a young kid getting off the bus for school, dragging his feet, looking like he didn’t really want to go. I said to him, ‘I know it seems hard, but you’ve got to stay on it now. You need to go, bro. You need the experience of school. Without school it’s rough in the world.’”

Not only did Troy take part by speaking of his own experiences, he joined many other neighbours around the 7th Ward Neighborhood Center in exemplifying a key element of this gathering by inviting other people to attend with them. There was a great turn out of people who attended for the first time, mostly because a friend or family in the neighborhood encouraged them to join us.

Queen Chief Warhorse of the Tchefuncta Nation Chahta Tribe, whose community is just north of New Orleans, came to speak about the discrimination they have faced historically and still face today. Her central point developed to include all people who are discriminated against and experience poverty.

Her affirmation that we are all of the same earth, live here together, and need to come together to take care of the earth and each other was echoed by other comments and testimonies during the commemoration.

During the discussion held afterwards, Sr. Joanne responded, “We are not meant to live like this, it doesn’t need to be this way,” referencing the book written by ATD Fourth World Movement members in New Orleans last year “Not Meant to Live Like This: Weathering the Storm of our Lives”.

Dierdre and Hubert sang throughout the event and Imam Rafeeq presented the New Orleans City Council Proclamation recognizing the principles and importance of the World Day for Overcoming Poverty.


The second part of the gathering was for people to meet, get to know one another, and continue discussing the topics and ideas that emerged from the testimonies. Many discussed in informal groups spread out around the yard while others sat together to work on a simple art activity that brought out messages, thoughts, and lasting impressions from this World Day for Overcoming Poverty.

A few of the messages:

“Grow up and be free. We will never be slaves again.” ~ Raven, 9 years old

“Unity will guide our footsteps.”

“Working together toward a world without discrimination is possible as it begins with me.”’

“Every person counts.”

“Caring neighbors make strong communities.”

“Teach the children.”

“Respect all of God’s creation and live in peace.”

Event description

Please join us to celebrate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Listen to testimonies, enjoy music, and share your thoughts on this year's theme "Working Together Towards a World without Discrimination and Social Exclusion." 

The gathering will be held at the ATD Fourth World Movement 7th Ward Community Center. 

Sunday, October 20th 2013


ATD Fourth World Movement

Seventh Ward Neighborhood Center

1941 Pauger St. (at the corner of Pauger and Urquhart)

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. (504)-899-9950

1941 Pauger
New Orleans
United States

Frimley Green - Thursday 17 October 2013 - Fun, Food and Film at Frimhurst Family House

Event report


We celebrated 17 October at our communal lunch where we spoke about different 17 October events that were taking place around the world.  It was also an opportunity to explain the history of the World Day.

After a lovely soup that was made from vegetables from our community garden, we watched the film 'Country Kids'.

Afterwards we had a discussion about what poverty is in the UK.

Event description

To celebrate the 17 October, we will be having a communal lunch at Frimhurst Family House. We have invited members of the movement, friends and local volunteers. 

Lunch will be followed by the film 'Country Kids', a documentary about rural poverty in Norfolk, England.

Frimhurst Family House Guildford Road
Frimley Green

London - Sunday 20 October 2013 - Poverty can and must be eradicated! Open House, Information and Family Day

Event report

During this family day and open house at the ATD Fourth World House in Addington Square,London, we listened to testimonies from Great Britain, Tanzania and the Philippines.

People took part in the many art activities, and we had music and fun dancing.

We also showed a video where members of the Movement spoke about what the International Day means for them:

Event description

Poverty can and must be eradicated!

Open House, Information & Family Day

A community event for all the family  

Creative and interactive workshops.

Presentations on poverty issues, information on local organisations and campaigns.

Art, movement and imagination workshops facilitated by The Purple ladies  

Join us for a buffet lunch and refreshments  

Doors open @1pm - 5pm, free entry

48 Addington Square ATD Fourth World

London - Thursday 17 October 2013 - Giving Poverty a Voice - Roundtable Discussion

Event report

17 October 2013

Roundtable discussion

The main room at ATD Fourth World headquarters in London was packed yesterday as Giving Poverty a Voice presented their priority issues on Housing and Home. 

Representatives from local community organisations, Southwark Council, Oxfam GB, Southwark CABx, Oxford University, Save the Children, Z2K, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Trust for London came to hear about the project and discuss how we can all work together on the three initial recommendations.

More good quality social housing should be available for people on benefits and low wages in London

  2. There should be good advice, information and support to navigate changes in the system and prevent people falling into crisis 
  4. Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect by service providers

Discussion groups on each of the issues came up with ideas for next steps to work together in the coming weeks and months.

Event description

Poverty 'Hear'


Roundtable Discussion

Thursday 17 October, 11.00 - 1.30pm

ATD Fourth World, 48 Addington Square,London, SE5 7LB

To celebrate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, you are invited to a roundtable discussion focusing on the interim findings of the Giving Poverty a Voice project:

  • The need for more good quality social housing that is still accessible for people on benefits and low wages in London

  • The importance of timely advice, information and support to navigate changes in the system and prevent people falling into crisis

  • The demand for everyone to be treated with dignity and respect by service providers

People with first-hand experience of the issues will introduce these discussion topics, which are the fruit of several months of group work by grassroots participants on the theme of housing.

With local councillors, funders, housing officers and grassroots participants from different boroughs and organisations invited to attend, it promises to be a lively debate that offers a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas.

There will also be an opportunity to hear about the current campaigns and initiatives of other organisations working to combat poverty and inequality, including Southwark Citizen Advice Bureau, Zacchaeus Trust 2000 (Z2K), 4in10, The Equality Trust, Just Fair and Community Links. If you are also interested in contributing then please contact us as soon as possible.

This is an open event so please feel free to invite colleagues, supporters, service users, volunteers and other interested parties connected to your organisation.

Please RSVP to

Dann Kenningham                                         

ATD Fourth World

National Coordination Team

kenninghamd [at] atd-uk [dot] org

givingpovertyavoice [at] atd-uk [dot] org

Andrew Hayes

ATD Fourth World

Policy, Participation and Training Team

hayesa [at] atd-uk [dot] org

ATD Fourth World 48 Addington Square

Manila - Thursday 17 October 2013 - Commemoration in Rizal Park

Event report

From the testimony given by Yeng Calaguas, yesterday at Rizal Park for the International Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty:

"What may be running in our minds is the question, why do poor people stay poor or are able to live the kind of life they have?"Maybe as I used to think before, many of us believe that they are mere 'beneficiaries', and that they always rely only on dole-outs.

Because of our prejudices towards them, we tend to bury them deeper in their misery and helplessness. We neglect to see and hear their struggles, their concerns and aspirations.

I used to think that giving charity to the poor was all that they needed.

But talking to them, hearing their stories, slowly, the realizations came - that these people are so much more than mere 'dependants' and do not just depend on others. They have their own struggles, a lot of sufferings, sacrifices, their reasons for being where they are, their aspirations."

A beautiful banner was made by persons with a background of poverty and others, to commemorate October 17:

-a day to recognize and honour the efforts of persons living in extreme poverty

-a day to renew our solidarity with them for the year(s) to come

-a day to show that we want to be PARTNERS

Event description

 ATD Fourth World Philippines invites you to the commemoration at the Marker in honor of victims of poverty.

follow the updates: via facebook ATD Fourth World Philippines

End Poverty Now:

Working towards a world without Discrimination

  • - 8.00   Registration
  • - 9.00   National Anthem
  • - 9.10   Universal Prayer
  • - 9.20   Welcome Remarks by Hon. Francisco DOMAGOSO (Vice-
  •              Mayor
  •              of Manila)
  • - 9.30   Pledges and Testimonials
  • - 9.50   Introduction of Hon. Jose E M ROCAMORA (Lead Convenor
  •              NAPC)
  • - 9.55   Message from the President of the Senate of the
  •              Philippines, Hon. Franklin DRILON
  • - 10.15 Messages from Partners in Poverty Reduction
  •              * Hon. Luiza CARBALHO (UN Resident Coordinator)
  •              * Hon. Nina LIM-YUSON (president of ATD FW Int'l)
  •              * Atty. Marlon J. MANUEL (NAPC Vice-Chair for the Basic
  •                 sectors)
  • - 10.45 Reading of the Text of the Commemorative Stone Marker
  • - 10.55 Laying of the Wreaths
  • - 11.05 Flower-giving to Community Folks
  • - 11.20 Exit of Honorable Guests
  • - 11.30 Words of Thank and Gratitude
Rizal Park Chess Plaza, near the Japanese garden and 'dancing fountains'