Dialogue in the Dark
Sat 17/10/2015

Together! Ethiopian Residents Charity hereby invites you to Dining in the Dark in the occasion of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

To commemorate this day Together! an NGO aiming at the educational, professional and social inclusion of persons affected by visual impairment has organized Dining in the Dark. The event focus on the special abilities of persons with visual impairment and open up unique means of social, professional and economic participation.

Guiding and serving people with sight through joint and joyful encounters in complete darkness reverses the accustomed situation of people with visual impairment and people with sight.

Changing roles, raises awareness on the hardships which people with visual impairment face in our society. Concurrently, it proves their countless capabilities as well as special skills and promotes the social inclusion of persons with visual impairment through their share and participation in cultural events.

On the event Together!’s right holders will tell their stories and their role in fighting extreme poverty. Music and poetry will also be presented.

We would be very happy if you take part in the lunch on the 17th of October at 12.30 pm. Please confirm your attendance, either by answering this email or calling us at +251 947 152 092

With best regards,

The Event and Encounters Team,

Together! Rehabilitation, Education and Profession for All!!!


Together!’s office building, Gulelie Sub-City, Woreda 7, No. 399, Semen Mazegaja bet,
Lazarist School road, adjacent to the Gulelie Police Department and Poland Embassy.


Together!,Gulele Sub City, Lazarist School Road, No. 399, Semen Mazegaja bet,
Addis Ababa 1000