The exhibition brings together drawings and testimonies published in the Letter to the Friends around the World.
Below you will find :

- a presentation of the exhibit…
- the 34 posters as well as a presentation in three languages ( French, English, Spanish)
-a map showing the places where the exhibit was welcomed.
-the visitors book where are written the names of the places where the complete exhibition (or sometimes part of it) was seen.


Dakar - Senegal

Dakar - Senegal From the 22nd to the 26th February 2016, display of  "The Letter's Colours" exhibition at the offices of ATD Fourth World. Read more
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The Letter's Colours Exhibition - 17 October 2015

The exhibition was on display during our 17 October 2015 event, for the International Day for Eradication of Poverty. Every 17 October we host a community based, open house event that takes place at our headquarters in South London involving friends, family and other community organisations. People were able to look at the The Letter's... Read more

London - United Kingdom

London-United Kingdom During ATD Fourth World UK's National Gathering on 26 September 2015, the ATD Fourth World International Leadership Team offered members of the Movement in the UK, a copy of the 11 posters in English which are part of "The Letter's Colours" exhibition. Part of the exhibition was then displayed during the... Read more
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