The exhibition brings together drawings and testimonies published in the Letter to the Friends around the World.
Below you will find :

- a presentation of the exhibit…
- the 34 posters as well as a presentation in three languages ( French, English, Spanish)
-a map showing the places where the exhibit was welcomed.
-the visitors book where are written the names of the places where the complete exhibition (or sometimes part of it) was seen.


Montreuil - France

Montreuil On Thursday 28th May 2015, during the 13th gathering of the Wresinski Culture Network on Culture, Citizenship and Partnerships, the exhibition «The Letter's Colours» was displayed within the premises of the association « Comme vous Emoi » . On Saturday 30th May 2015, its destination was COP... Read more
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Bangui - Central Africa

Bangui The exhibition "The Letter's Colours" was displayed on Saturday 17 October 2015, World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty. Theme: "Tell everyone that we are there, still united" Geoffroy looks at the drawing illustrating his commitment with children. Read more
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Port au Prince - Haiti

The exhibition " The Letter's Colours" was in Port-au-Prince (Haïti)  from 19th November to 5th December 2015. The ATD Fourth World team in Haïti decided to focus on four of the posters. First use: the first step, on 21st November was to decide which poster could be used during a gathering of people living in persistent... Read more
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Mont Lubin - Rodrigues Island

Mont Lubin- Rodrigues Island On 17th October 2015, World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, Vinolia invited children and mothers to get together in Mont Lubin and speak about the exhibition "The Letter's Colours". Vinolia first presented the ATD Fourth World Movement, explained the meaning of the World Day for Overcoming Extreme... Read more
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Paris - France

Paris-France Get involved where you are! On 17th October 2015, the 29th celebration of the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty took place in the Parc de Belleville, in the heart of the 20th district of Paris... "The Letter's Colours" exhibition was part of the stand "Actions in the World": How do we fight extreme... Read more
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