What do you think of our new website?

We have just posted our new website online. We want to make sure that it is working perfectly and that it also meets your needs and your expectations.  That is why for our very first discussion forum we will be asking the following questions:

  • What do you think of our website?

  • Are there any improvement that you would like to suggest ?

  • What's not working properly ?

We invite you to take part in this forum and please let us know if we can make any adjustments to develop our site even more. From September 2011, a new theme will be proposed.

* * *

Thank you very much for your comments.  We have read them all with great interest.  They have helped us to make changes so we can constantly improve the running of our website overcomingpoverty.org

Please feel free to post your comments to our ongoing discussion forum and don't hesitate to write to us about other issues and topics by using the contact form.

Thank you

The Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty Team

4 comments for this discussion

I specially like the color combination of that site looking very cool.

I like it, especially visually, and clearly it will be rich in content.  However, I wonder if you are making the most of the terrific domain name you have secured. Has the site been Search Engine Optimized?  SEO actions are essential if you wish to appear high in the major search engines, and get lots of visitors, who of course will spread the word. A quick search on Google using "fighting poverty" found you on the fifth page, same with "beating poverty".  You're higher if we use "extreme poverty", and "SEOing" the site would aid you considerably in achieving higher places and increasing the number of visitors.

Of course using the exact name of the site brought you high on page one, but site owners usually optimize for search engines using meta tags for keywords and page titles which reflect the sort of search terms people use most (in looking under your subject). 

I follow much of what ATD does through Matt's blog:  http://povertycurtain.blogspot.com/ and applaud all you guys do and achieve.

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards.


The website is great and user friendly.


I think that this new website is very nice, because it's international, well-organized, and clear! Now we all can share our opinions and actions on how to overcome poverty. 

Maybe we could add videos, more photos and advices to show how we can fight against poverty in everyday life ;)

C'est vraiment bien qu'on puisse choisir la langue des articles, en plus de lire des articles qui m'intéressent, partager mon opinion et apprendre des autres, je peux réviser mon anglais et m'améliorer!

Bonnes dernières préparations du 17 Octobre à mes amis d'ATD QM :)