Redefining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) after 2015

The Millennium Development Goals were established in the year 2000. The deadline for the goals is 2015. Time has come to evaluate and prepare new goals. We want extreme poverty to end.

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Dona EdilbertaFor example, in Cusco, Peru, on the occasion of October 17th, a forum, "Progress and challenges of the Millennium Development Goals" was held. Representatives of governmental organizations confronted their official reports with public opinion and people who have experienced a hard life. Doña Edilberta spoke: "When we work, we are badly paid. There are women who do not eat for two or three days due to lack of money. I wish there was work for the poor ... for moms who do not have money, their sons cannot study because money is missing... I don't want any other poor families to suffer from what I suffered. "

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I think NGO's must pay more attention to Eastern part of Iran in which many children are suffering malnutrition. It is a shame that Iranian governments ignore all the efforts to help its people.

I know the Latin American charity TECHO focuses primarily on tackling poverty by initially providing better quality housing.

Hi there. I'm really happy to have found you all as I've been looking for the 'right' place to ask this question. What are your views on the link between (poor) housing and extreme poverty? I mean, it's pretty obvious that cases of extreme poverty would be characterised, among other things, by poor dwellings, what we at habitat refer to as "poverty housing." What I'm wondering, is whether you guys may know of any discussion or advocacy that proposes to target this kind of housing, with a view to redesigning, rebuilding, repairing etc. as a means of improving the lot of families in question, i.e. reducing and eliminating extreme poverty. How pivotal do you or your organisations/affiliates/networks see housing as a means to this most noble end? Looking forward to your responses!

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