Proposed themes for October 17 2015

The year 2015 represents a pivotal year for the United Nations’ member states because in September they will decide on a new development framework to replace the Millennium Development Goals.

The new Sustainable Development Goals emphasise the need for change and transformation in our societies and economies so that we can end poverty while protecting our environment, ensuring peace and realizing human rights. This transition towards inclusive and shared prosperity, while protecting the planet, can only be realized when no one is left behind.

Therefore the three proposed themes touch on the key elements of the transformative change being discussed in the United Nations – transformation, sustainability, dignity, human rights, and justice – in the fight to end extreme poverty.

Justice and dignity for all:
Ending poverty and transforming our world for a sustainable future

Building a sustainable future together:
Ending all forms of poverty and discrimination

Leave no one behind:
Participation as the way to build a sustainable world without poverty

Comment for this discussion

I support ending poverty and achieving justice and dignity at work for the informal transport workers in Kenya through empowering them on their labour rights. Informal transport or "matatu" workers job for more than 16 hours in a day and we are a vulnerable group to organized criminal cartels that get rich while the worker languish in poverty. I stand to defend the stigmatization of this group of workers.