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Workshop “Towards those still missing”

Towards those still missing”
25th – 29th May 2016

I was invited to take part in this workshop on behalf of the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty Team. This workshop brought together around 30 people from Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. There were also members of the ATD Fourth World Movement from Poland and the UK. Representatives were also there from Tapori, and ATD's European Team and International Leadership Team.

The aim of this workshop was to meet and spend time with people from different organisations and groups who are supporting the very poorest in our societies, especially those who are often forgotten about. During the week we shared with each other the different ways in which we are trying to reach out to people living in poverty through our own personal experiences.

We also spoke a lot about what we have learnt from our different actions and projects. The participants came from all walks of life. Several lived and also worked in their local communities. It was clear that some were also quite isolated and alone in their work.

On behalf of the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty Team, I ran two workshops to introduce the work of the Forum and our exhibition: 'The Letter's Colours'.

Several participants wrote in the visitors book:

“The Letter's Colours is an eye opener for me, the different stories and pictures of people all around the world helped me to see so many brave and creative people. It makes me feel hopeful for the future of humanity.

I'm very impressed that in this fast time of the internet, there are still people, thinking about those without access to computers and spending time for handwriting letters. The Letter's Colours is a colourful way to connect the creativity of people experiencing difficulties around the world and to give hope to those who struggle to survive."

"So often we pass by people who need our help. We pass by and we look away. Sometimes we can do more than we think. If we can't help financially, sometimes we can give a helpful advice or find another person who can help.  I'm happy that I'm here."

"I’ve always been a person who cares about the young people all over the world! It's because the young people are a part of the new generation that won't repeat the mistakes of the older ones. That's why I believe that centers for young people should be created!"

"It's inspiring to see how young people living in poverty have decided to clean by themselves their own surroundings and those of their neighbors. Their joint efforts have positive results. (Poster -We are a youth solidary group from Madagascar).

Maybe if the residents of the *"Nadezhda" neighborhood decide to improve their living space, the ambiance could be more pleasant."

*Nadezhda - a neighborhood in Sliven,Bulgaria populated with people living in poverty.

"I was impressed by the ‘letter's colours', because today I read some and I could find myself in them, especially in ‘An open-minded mother’, but in others, too. I know that God is with me and he gives me power and an illuminated mind to help my 3 children become exemplary people in life, but also to help the others in the ‘Club of alternative education’. I want for them to become responsible adults, who will be able to help other children and adults out of poverty, out of the ghetto.  I wish for them jobs that help others, because this is the most important in life, to help your neighbour, even if it’s only advice." 

on behalf of the Forum Team


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