Words for October 17 th 2021

 Building Forward Together: Ending Persistent Poverty, Respecting all People and our Planet

The World Bank points out that for millions of people, the COVID-19 crisis will not be a short-lived phenomenon. In 2019, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights made the same observation regarding the upcoming climate crises. He stressed that “climate change threatens to undo the progress made in poverty reduction over the past 50 years.”

Atopical theme

« The theme is very much present in what some families are currently experiencing – even stronger because of the coronavirus measures. Parents who no longer have the right to see their children in the home, children who have difficulty attending school because of a lack of equal opportunities, etc...[...]. » Michael, Switzerland
« [...] with the pandemic, some (young people) have dropped out of school, with parents unable to help them.» Christiane., Belgium
« [...] this theme will allow us, in our organisations, to deepen the human ecology that we have undertaken by incorporating the ideas that interest human societies in their links with their environments of life. » Jean, Rwanda« I like very much the fact of insisting on the respect of People and the respect
of the Planet. These are notions that in my opinion need to be said and said again, because it is not necessarily self-evident to talk about both sides. » Coraline, Belgium

The issue of persistent poverty

« On the occasion of October 17, 2020, Madame Marie said: «In the village, my parents brought me up through farming. This activity allows me to feed and educate my children. So I inherited all the techniques from my parents. Last season, I harvested nothing on our land flooded by the Congo River. That's why I came to sow maize and squash on this land of our NGO. I hope that our crops will be abundant and of very good quality». Like Madame Marie, there are still many families and individuals in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in other countries of the world.  Who   struggle to change their lives. But ut as long as our societies do not create the conditions for these families and individuals to get by, their precarious situation remains the same or deteriorates further at the slightest environmental or social catastrophe.» Justin, DRC
« There was a couple who had a child, the father went on a trip. He left his wife with the child. The child was in school. At school, the child was asked to pay his tuition. What the mother could not do: she asked her brother, same father, same mother, to give her money to pay the tuition so that the child could continue. His brother told him that was out of the question. That he had nothing. And so he could give her the money, all she had to do was send her motorcycle registration as a guarantee. A motorcycle that the husband had just paid for his wife. She turned left, right, there was no other way out. She gave her own brother the registration card for her motorcycle to take the money to pay for her child’s education. When her husband came, he paid the money back, and got his wife’s motorcycle registration. Today, the child is in the 7th year of medical studies. » Richard, Burkina Faso
« A promise was made to my son that he was going to be given a job. he had to provide passport photos, a letter of application and then was asked to pay 50$ to be accepted into employment. I had already saved a sum of 30$ with a village association, called AVEC (l'Association Villageoise) for savings and loans. I withdrew the money and gave it to him to advance to the manager. He went along with this sum and was accepted. I imagine that if I hadn't put this money aside with AVEC, my son would not have found work.» Macelline, M’RHUGIRINKA, RDC

Respect for all people

« This reminds me of the injustice of the unjustly arrested person and the Atikamek who died. Alone and insulted. We must all be put on the same footing, aboriginal people, all cultures and the planet. Put an end to this. A woman who cannot work because she is too fat or a person who cannot rent an apartment because of the number of her children. These injustices need to be addressed. We all live in low-income housing because we are poor. We must not discriminate between ourselves. We do not know each other’s despair.» ATD Canada
« [...] in my community we don't have basic rights, we don't have access to a healthy.environment. Sometimes, we have the feeling that the State forgets us.»  Julia, Peru
« Last week I hurt my leg, but I couldn’t x-ray because I couldn’t afford the COVID-19 test. » Lucia, Bolivia« To break the circle of poverty, it is necessary to educate girls. Girls stop their education too early and then they become mothers. Sometimes it is difficult for them to manage financially their household, to know how to read, etc. Girls must be encouraged to go further in their studies. » Aminetou, Mauritanie

Respect of our planet

« I’m afraid that focusing on COVID-19, we’re forgetting about climate, environmental, political-economic and social issues. »  Maria, Ile Maurice
« In countries like Guatemala, and it's not the only one in the world, limate change is worsening the situation for people in extreme poverty. Even middle class people are falling into poverty.» Max, Guatémala
« We can also replant in neighborhoods, depending on the type of plants found there, engineers can guide us. We can plant natural things, not artificial things. We can advertise on the radio, we can train. .» ATD Bolivia

The importance of the Day of Octobre 17

« The people think it’s normal for people to live in extreme poverty. [...] Thanks to the day of October 17, a day to pay tribute to those who are campaigning for the fight against poverty, it is an opportunity for us to make the world understand that poverty is the work of man and that only men can suppress it, to understand that poverty is not inevitable and that it can be eradicated. » Henri, DRC

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