Women take initiatives

I live in poor conditions in a sprawling slum area outside of Nairobi along with a group of women form 15 families. Most of us are single parents. Our houses are made of tin and mud and there are no lights, nor water, nor a sewage system.

I am the group leader and mother of four children, ages 3 to 19 years. (…) For the last 5 years, we have been meeting as a group to see how we can educate our children and feed our families. We make “ciondos”, sisal baskets and handbags. Three of us (myself included) do tailoring with two sewing machines we were given by a church. We make these baskets on a personal basis and meet to compare patterns and designs.

We would like (…) to be able to build a timber and iron shed where we could make baskets on a large scale and sell them. We would also like to rent a big room in the city (also buy several machines) in which we could make curtains for shop owners. Thus, this project could help us to buy land to live on and also educate our children. (…)

Please send us your magazine, we would like to see what other people are doing in other slums around the world.

Mme Margaret W., Kenya