With this project we want to...

.. know about projects and experiences in the struggle against inequality that address the poorest people and populations and promotes their active participation.*

* UN resolution December 2011

Why this project?

  • 2015: Deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs);

  • The 8 Goals are inadequate to eradicate extreme poverty;

  • The 8 Goals must reach the most disadvantaged and allow their participation;

  • 2011: UN resolution calling for the exchanging of experiences in the struggle against inequality that address the poorest people and populations and promotes their active participation.

  • 2013: In September, the UN will evaluate the impact of the MDGs and decide upon a new framework for 2015 and beyond;

What are we looking for? 

  • To know about projects and action programmes which are fighting against poverty and is aimed at the poorest people and populations and encourages their active participation.
  • To find out and make known initiatives encouraging everyone to participate in ensuring that human rights are respected without exception.
  • ATD Fourth World want to ensure that we get the views, experience and ideas of the most disadvantaged and of those who are in solidarity with them.

What makes this project different?

  • People living in poverty will be part of this evaluation right from the beginning until the very end of this project.

  • Looking for pathways towards peace by overcoming poverty with those who are experiencing it on a daily basis.


  • On every continent.

Who will participate?

  • Small associations and groups who are trying to eradicate extreme poverty and who have never had the possibility to be heard on an international level.

  • ATD Fourth World members in 8 countries (Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Mauritius, the Philippines, Haiti, Bolivia, Brazil and Belgium).

  • The contribution of everyone is important.

How to participate?

  • Participate in the discussion forum on our website, so we can collect positive experiences and reply to the questions asked by the UN.
  • The International Movement ATD Fourth World through the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty, will echo these experiences to the international community, in conjunction with its correspondents.

What will we produce?

  • Contributions of 1000 words that will describe each experience, 

  • We can also be creative by using photos, videos, websites... 

What will we gain?

  • Shared experiences between correspondents of the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty, so we can support each other better. 

  • Our contributions and exchanges with the participation of those living in poverty, will form the basis of proposals that we want to convey to the United Nations, helping us to set the new framework in moving towards a world without poverty;

What support do we need?

  • Tell us about your experiences or projects that you think need to be taken into account.

How much time will it take?


  • April 2012: Outline of project made available on our website www.overcomingpoverty.org

  • May 2012: Writing and exchanging with correspondents

  • March 2013: Sending contributions to the UN

  • Summer 2013: The International Movement ATD Fourth World with its partners will publish their findings and propositions to succeed the Millennium Development Goals

  • September 2013: UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals

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“ Progress tends to bypass those who are lowest on the economic ladder. We are failing to reach the most vulnerable.”  
M.Ban Ki-Moon – The Millennium Development Goals Report – November 2011