What does October 17 represent and why is this Day important? - Nina Lim-Yuson

At the occasion of the International Committee for October 17 meeting in June 2016, the members were asked the following question: "What does October 17 represent for you and why is this Day important?"

In the video you will discover what Mrs. Nina Lim-Yuson said about the importance of that Day.

To know more about her commitment, we can share that:

Nina L. Yuson is the co-founder of Museo (museum) Pambata (for children). This interactive museum with thematic exhibit rooms was opened to the public on 1994. Their various programs encourage underprivileged children to enjoy learning. For example, Museo Pambata engages high school kids to mentor poor kids in various arts, culminating in an Interactive Arts Festival.

She has been President of ATD Fourth World International Movement from 2006 to 2014, and is still very much involved in the Movement in the Philippines.

She is a Vice-President of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines.

Finally, from her different encounters with people living in extreme poverty, she writes, in the preface of the book "Gold Under the Bridge": "When you read the daily life of Mercedita, you will understand why the very poor are different from what we ordinarily see and understand. Despite their difficult circumstances, the very poor have a very strong sense of solidarity, sharing and resilience, a few among their strengths."

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