Videos to reflect on the theme of October 17th 2020

We present here two videos that help to reflect and prepare this October 17, World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty 2020 with the theme :

« Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice for all »

-Environment: We can contribute

People and communities affected by extreme poverty struggle daily on every continent to be able to live decently, yet they are constantly being chased away from the places they inhabit.

Sustainable development can only be successful if the future of those living in the worst conditions is taken as a focal point for the success of development policies, in both the North and the South.

Dona Xiomara says: "Politicians don't know what it's like to live in a poor neighbourhood with only one bed, two beds, one room where we sleep, we cook and receive the guests. "

Human development and sustainable development must be examined in the framework of human rights. Particular attention must be given to the expertise and creativity of people living in extreme poverty who endure constant deterioration of their living environment.

This video demonstrates how important these people's participation is in order to face up to current and future environmental challenges..

-Dakar's Flood-Fighting Brigade: a Hands-on Commitment

Their low-income, under-resourced neighbourhood of Guinaw Rails has been hit by yearly flooding since 2005. No public clean-up left the houses and streets an unsanitary mess. With other local residents, these young people took up a dialogue with the City Hall and took action.

Their civic struggle puts us at the heart of the environmental challenges of our time.  It's common knowledge that environmental disasters most often affect first those populations already neglected and vulnerable. But rarely do we hear and see that such families are also the first to resist environmental degradation. In Guinaw Rail, the young people transformed a desperate situation into an opportunity to create solidarity, reciprocal aid, and inclusion of those most often left aside.

The young people inspired more than just a sanitation project. They've shown that putting at the heart of a project the people who are the most impoverished and forgotten announces a new approach; it encourages the type of solidarity that we're going to need more of in order to face today's challenges.