This however encouraged us to get even more involved
Letter to Friends around the World # 107

DREAM TEAM TOGO is an international solidarity association actively involved in initiatives to support orphans, children on the street and deprived populations living in remote regions of Togo. So as to improve their living conditions.

When I was at university, I started a WhatsApp group. This was initially intended to raise money, but I then used it to gather all sorts of contributions to help orphans in my country. People mobilised and got motivated. The group grew bigger, uniting people for whom humanitarian aid was really something important. We visited an orphanage, called Mother Charity. There were babies abandoned by their parents due to a lack of financial means, or whose parents had died. We were very saddened. This however encouraged us to get even more involved.

I am eager to help, but mostly to meet and interact with the people who benefit from our work. For instance, after donating to an orphanage, we keep in touch with the team. This enables us to stay in contact with the children and the young people living there. On weekends, we often meet the children, eat together, play football and take part in various activities with them. We bring joy to them.

While filming for a program on association projects, I met a schoolboy who was participating in one of the projects. This boy often skips school to go and sell things at the market and make some money. I met him on a school day, and he was at the market wearing a school uniform. I asked him why he was not attending school. He explained that he was trying to sell objects to help his parents and pay for his education. This market only took place once a week, on Fridays, and if he missed it, it would be hard to make ends meet during the rest of the week. This encounter encouraged me to stay involved and I wanted to try and understand how helping people can lead to learning about them.

We aim to work and take part in humanitarian initiatives in a professional, honest way, and this encourages other people to work with us as well. I want to give hope to people at the orphanage and to communities who benefit from what we do. I want to bring joy to them.

Nenonene KOFFIMENSANH, Association Dream Team Togo, Togo