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The exhibition “the Letter's Colours” in Geneva in 2016

Firstly we organized an evening event for the General Assembly of the association 'Friends of the Joseph Wresinski house', followed by an open house. At that time there were about thirty people present.
Then we held
3 open house afternoons that week where we had left the exhibition to show it to visitors, around ten people came during those 3 days...

- Every Wednesday we go to a area in Geneva to run a street library with children from families seeking asylum (Afghanistan, Kosovo, Syria, Albania, Macedonia, Somalia, Angola,  Roma...), but on Wednesday 29 June, we took the children to the Fourth World House to show them the exhibition and create an activity around it.

First we organized a treasure hunt using the exhibition (for example: find how many musical instruments there are and say their names).

Then we all sat around a table and we made a poster like the ones in the exhibition. To give a water colour effect to the background we soaked some crepe paper in water so that the colour would bleed, then each child made a drawing with Indian ink and an old fashioned ink pen.

The subject of the drawing was a bit like in the exhibition, it was “draw a time when you helped someone”.

So thank you again, it’s a really beautiful exhibition, we were very happy to be able to present it.