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Supporting the International Committee for October 17
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Since October 17, 1987, annual mobilizations have multiplied around the world. Copies of the Commemorative Stone laid on the Human Rights Plaza in Paris, France, have been installed in many other countries around the world.

It has become imperative to:

  • Coordinate initiatives in order, in particular, to offer annual themes common to all of the demonstrations: over 220 demonstrations in 42 countries held around the world on October 17 2013;

  • Continue with the development and coordination of the website.

This is why the International Committee for October 17 was set up. It is composed of people committed to the struggle against poverty who come from different social backgrounds and geographic regions.

You can help find the finances this project:

  • the operations of the International Committee, which include the coordination and management of the network and website, and the Committee's secretariat;

  • the participation of the Committee members at an international meeting every 2 years; the next one is scheduled in France in June 2016;

  • support for the participation of Committee members to World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty Event in specific countries.

By clicking on « Donate », you'll be oriented directly to a webpage of the International Movement ATD Fourth World, which is in charge of the Secretariat for the International Committee for October 17, to make an on-line donation.

So that your donation can be affected to the work of the Committee, please write the following sentence in the field « Leave a message » : « Thanks for using my donation for the work on the International Committee for October 17 ».

You can also send your donation by regular mail to
International Committee for October 17
12 rue Pasteur
95480 Pierrelaye

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