Some activities considered to celebrate October 17, 2021

To continue the mobilization for the planet

- “we can organize some activities like: experience sharing sessions with the climate-change affected poor people in the Brahmaputra Char Basin. Children’s drawing sessions and story writing about relationships between climate change and poverty. Organizing online webinars with academics and social workers.” (Bangladesh)

- “During the week of October 17, organize small street theaters with the young people to sensitize especially children and young people, to these challenges that threaten us and to propose possible solutions in a way that is both playful and educational.” (Lebanon)

- “Do an awareness campaign that talks about nature conservation. And allow children, youth, families and the whole community to plant trees.” (RDC)

To continue the mobilization against discrimination

- “As our association is focused on development projects in Madagascar, we could organize a video with our collaborators and supporters on the persistence of poverty in Madagascar with social and environmental sub-themes.” (Madagascar)

- “Bringing together some families, young people and children in extreme poverty, depending on the context, to share their experiences of how they have managed to survive the health crisis.” (RDC)

To propose a deep change of society

- “Organize a conference: the participants will be people really affected by poverty, and some prominent people of the city, in order to make them aware of the fight to eradicate the persistence of poverty. End with the creation of a follow-up committee to train people in entrepreneurship and climate protection to help each other in solidarity and conviviality, and to create income-generating activities.” (Haiti)

- “Planting trees again at everyone's home, increasing community work.” (RDC)

- “Create public forums [...] with testimonies of people living in degraded housing, so that we realize what it means for them.” (France)

Tell us about your projects. Write to us about what you are planning to do this year.

Enjoy the preparation!

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