Rethinking the fight against poverty and human rights

This title was the theme of the second Joseph Wresinski Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean, which was held in Guatemala City.

For five days, close on 50 people from nine countries worked together. We concluded the forum by reflecting on how our countries and communities can identify future commitments in the struggle against poverty, while imagining ways to further build a union among human rights defenders

Testimonies of some participants:

Inga Ruiz V, United States: "When the discussion led us to ask ourselves what human rights are, I understood that beyond the concept, raising our voices for a dignified life for all could contribute to the disappearance of the indifference that has caused a large part of the world’s population to be left behind. However, it is not enough to talk; it is essential to seek to be heard.

Fernando Monteiro dos S., from Brazil: «It was a great meeting; very important for us, and fruitful. On my return, I spoke with a group of educators involved in training in our village and with more than 40 indigenous leaders from the State of Pernambuco. I told them what it was like in Guatemala, and I shared with them some of my reflections on the meeting

ATD Fourth World, Guatemala