Port au Prince - Haiti

The exhibition " The Letter's Colours" was in Port-au-Prince (Haïti)  from 19th November to 5th December 2015.

The ATD Fourth World team in Haïti decided to focus on four of the posters.

First use: the first step, on 21st November was to decide which poster could be used during a gathering of people living in persistent poverty. They chose the one showing how women in India got together to make art from waste. 

This poster was then used to start the reflection: the group leader invited the participants to look at the illustration and express what it meant for them.  The notion of getting together strongly came out. Then, the group leader read the testimony related to it. Because time had run out, they stopped there.

Second use: from 24th November to 27th November , while ATD Fourth World and OPC (Office for the protection of Citizen) were having a four-day seminar, in the Plaza Hotel, around the theme: "Human Rights - a reality for people living in persistent poverty", the four posters were exhibited in one of the rooms of the hotel. Forty people took part in this seminar.

We were asked for a copy of the testimony from Haïti which was on one of the posters. Apart from a few people, most of the participants were from Haïti and this request - strong illustration of the theme- made them very proud.  The four posters were looked at and photographed a few times.

Third use: from 28th November to 4th December, different meetings took place at the Fourth World Centre and the exhibition went there.