Letter to Friends around the World "Special Edition - 17 October"
Letter to Friends around the World # 84

Dear Friends,
In this special edition for 17 October of Letter to Friends Around the World, we
will be sharing with you experiences from Forum correspondents about how they
celebrated the World Day in 2012.
The important thing isn't to organise big events, even if several did take place in
different countries last year. What's more important is to reach out to those who
aren't normally noticed, and to take time with them; to let them to speak, and listen
to what they have to say.
This day is an opportunity for us to share our long term commitment to build a world
where everyone's dignity is recognised, and where everyone can find their place and
give the best of themselves. This is a day for festivity, joy, friendship and meeting others.
Please tell us about your own projects for 17 October 2013 and what you will be doing
on the day.  You can write to us directly via the website, or send us a letter or email.
This year, the International theme of the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty is:

Working towards a world without discrimination
Building on the experience and knowledge of people in extreme poverty

You will find a poster is on the back of this Letter to Friends.

The Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty Team