International Committee for October 17 - Maximiliano Araujo Araujo

Maximiliano Araujo Araujo, writer, lawyer and notary, expert in cultural right, is a specialist in human rights. Adviser of the Ministry of Culture of Guatemala and former President of the Institution for Decentralization of Culture of Guatemala, he published 17 books.
He was referenced in literature anthologies of Guatemala and Central America. He is a member of Guatemala's official delegations to UNESCO conferences, the Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro in Latina y el Caribe América (CERLALC) and the Central American cultural Coordinación educativa there (CECC / SICA).
For over twenty five years, he has been an ally of ATD Fourth World Movement in Guatemala where he worked for the success of 17 October. Thanks to his involvement, a part of the celebration of October 17 has been taking place for more than 10 years in a very symbolic place of Guatemala, "the exchange of the Rose of Peace at the Palace of Culture." He is co-author of a book of interviews conducted with Marco Ugarte, Peruvian anthropologist, founder of ATD Fourth World in Peru.