How to mark October 17 in a country where I am passing through, and where no one knows about this day?

I had heard that a group of people suffering with chronic diseases were organising a walk. I know very well what chronic disease means in terms of losing one’s health and never being the same again, as well as the anguish experienced by a poor patient lacking medical treatment. Despite this challenge, you need to be strong so that you and your family avoid falling into poverty.

About 150 people gathered on the day of the walk. We were all there together - Muslims and Christians, Jordanians and refugees from Syria or Iraq, the elderly and younger people, and even children. I was able to speak with several people and asked them: «What motivated you to come and participate in this walk?» I was told: «Walking together with others is stimulating; we encourage each other».

On this, the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, I experienced the walk as a form of communion. All these poor people were affirming their determination to do what they could afford to do without money - that is to walk in unity. In walking together, we can break free of feeling confined in one self, in one’s own home, and of the feeling of discouragement and helplessness. A group of women from a suburb of Amman told me that they go out every day to walk together. And then it can become a joy, a celebration, like this wonderful walk where everyone meets. It is a step, the rejection of poverty.

Therese. R, Amman, Jordan