Greetings and love from Kenya!
Refuser la misère

Dear Friends, Greetings and love from Nairobi/Kenya.

I'm thankful that I am able to send a word to you. It has been a long time since I have been in touch. I thank you very much for your faithfulness in sending me the 'THE LETTER TO FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD' without failure. Though I have failed to communicate I always think of you and pray for the mission of upholding the most disadvantaged brothers and sisters in our world.

Our mission as Sisters of Our lady of Charity is to uphold the worth and dignity of exploited young girls and women who without help end up in misery.

I have been privileged to attend one forum in France and another one in Berlin after the fall of the wall. It was a real enrichment. Thank you for the privilege. Yesterday a woman called, Mary, who is 60 years old, whom we have helped since adolescence to adult hood visited me. Both her parents died in a psychiatric hospital, her brother, sister, and herself too suffered the same severe mental health problems. We gave all the care we could to the two sisters, while the brother was helped in another Home. The poverty of the family was dire, heralding hopelessness for a future life. It was a joy to see her after so many years, a well groomed lady now married and her daughters doing well.

We rejoiced in the care and assistance given her. We thanked for the healing and transformation. She continues with her medication and is very stable now. Healing the very poor of the poorest is to give them meaning and hope in life;with the help of God to raise them from their desperate plight. Our celebration for 17 October 2014 is to thank God for his healing power through humanity, to continue uplifting others for it is our mission, our vocation,happy 17 October 2014.

Edel B., Kenya