Getting young people involved, for the well-being and development of our country
Letter to Friends around the World # 105

A Nous l’Avenir (The Future is Ours) is a coalition of nine organisations for young people aged 15 to 30, set up in 2009 to facilitate the exchange of ideas between them. The aim is that young people should work together in an atmosphere of trust, free from discrimination on the grounds of race or sex, allowing them to find for themselves solutions to the problems which concern them.

We undertake youth development activities and provide support to young people in various fields of action, so that they can contribute in a peaceful way to the development of their country, in the promotion of democracy and human rights, and in the rejection of all forms of violence.

We have continued to operate throughout this difficult period of COVID-19. Lots of our members have taken to growing vegetables. We have supported them by distributing high quality seeds free of charge, giving priority to the least privileged households.

One of our priorities is to fight against urban squalor. Accordingly, we recently organised a three-day clean-up of the Ndekezulu public market, one of the oldest markets in the commune of Nzinda, in the town of Kikwit. A Nous L’Avenir is based nearby. In 2014, the market acquired permanent premises, built by Coopération Technique Belge (the Belgian Development Agency, Enabel). But the buildings had not been used since 2017, the traders preferring to display their produce by the side of the road, 50 metres away, and the market had become a waste ground filled with all sorts of rubbish and filth.

We resolved to remove it all. So over a period of three days, we burnt the rubbish, removed the grime, and cleared away weeds. The work was carried out by a group of 25 young people, including 15 girls. With the market successfully restored to cleanliness the traders were encouraged to return, and the risk of disease reduced.

We are united in our determination to overcome poverty, however long it takes us.

Cyrille M., coordinator, A Nous l’Avenir