Floods in Chennai


Most people are aware of the recent floods that have ruined Chennai city and its suburbs. Houses were flooded with rain and sewage water for days. Good hearted human beings from all religions, race, colour and gender were supporting one another. Thank you to all of them.

The floods has made roads not accessible and houses were marooned. Houses made out of clay,mud and thatch were destroyed. Many people are missing and many have died. There is the threat of diseases at any moment. All this has made people feel hopeless.

Shabnam Resources has been sending cooked food and clothes during these hard times. Myself and a small team went out and met people in the community. It was a very sad scene and I could only speak in tears. As I met people, no words were flowing, I kept quiet and encouraged them all. We also handed out dry rations, things that will last a while.

In the photos you can see some of the thatched houses that are slowly dissolving in the water, and the men are trying to salvage things out of water.  You can see people pointing their fingers showing the water levels.

Michael H.,