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Chronic poverty amongst underprivileged, marginalised and abandoned children in rural areas:


les enfants dans l'ecole

- Without school benches, a uniform, a blackboard, exercise books - some children collect exercise books themselves - without books - other children have no backing or family support, the straw building is just waiting to catch fire at any moment.

les habitants du village
au village

- An unbalanced diet. However, conditions are not like this in urban areas, so these children will not have the same level of development as their counterparts in urban areas.

les enfants vont chercher l'eau

-  Access to drinking water is not ensured, water is drunk from unclean and unequipped wells, waterborne diseases are common place, containers used to draw water from the wells are unhygienic and infect and re-infect the water every time water is drawn out

. This population is far from resolving primary health problems, which is also a factor for sustainable development.

la construction de la maison

- Houses made of straw catch on fire through occupants’ carelessness.

- Darkness is a central feature, light is provided by the wood used for heating and rarely by candles or storm lanterns.

- Electricity is a dream that is far from being fulfilled.

- Vital information is passed on by word of mouth without a reliable source, as television, videos newspapers and those who own a small radio or television are regarded as princes in rural areas, …

These living conditions prove that these people do not seem to be involved in any form of development.

travail aux champs

Production conditions for basic foodstuffs:

- Mainly manual, using a small hoe and a small surface area, lack of input and seeds of improved quality, there again food self-sufficiency is not going to happen soon.

- Poverty and unemployment are chronic; child marriage of girls aged between 12 and 13 years old, the death rate and maternal health is frequent amongst young mothers from 13 to 24 years old.

- Adult and juvenile mothers give birth without a health and maternity centre for long distances, 40km before reaching a maternity hospital…

98% of women are illiterate (they do not know how to read, write or do arithmetic).


ARCE HIR Association   -  Kapanga - Democratic Republic of the Congo