Any development requires an awareness... we must work hard without expecting help

The purpose of the Groupe Mamans Tabita (GMT) is to promote and protect the rights of Congolese women, especially in rural areas.  It is an association of Congolese women aiming to help them fight against all types of social, economic, political and cultural barriers that prevent them from enjoying better living conditions.  They organise themselves in villages to take charge of their own affairs, according to the needs in each case.

The women's group is the forum for discussion and local action.  It brings together members of a village to analyse the situation, suggest solutions and implement appropriate action to improve living conditions and take charge of their lives.  As well as meetings in villages and awarenessraising concerning HIV and AIDS, the following activities were carried out in 2010:
Agriculture remains our main concern, because most of our members live in rural areas.  The women's group encourages each member to grow local agricultural produce.  The Bandundu GMT has not found a solution to transport all the collected produce to the city of Kinshasa.
Members are frequently obliged to sell produce at very low prices in local areas, thereby creating the endless cycle of women's poverty without any possibility of becoming self-supporting.

Eight local women's groups make home-made cleaning products, disinfectants, soaps.  Fifty-two make bread in saucepans due to a lack of traditional or modern ovens. A few years ago we organised a major operation like the proverbial ants to create a local saving scheme. We succeeded in setting up a savings and credit cooperative, without any external support.  Today this cooperative is very successful.
We want to continue all these activities and launch economic development and social housing projects. We also want so support women so that they become involved in the electoral process taking place in our country to revise the electoral roll, and to train them as election observers. It is our duty to raise awareness and help women to work to improve daily living conditions.  We are women who believe that any development requires an awareness that we must work hard without expecting help.