An open-minded mother can bring hope

Rural Women’s Network Nepal (RUWON Nepal) is a non-governmental organisation actively working with women, children and young people for their rights and social justice in Nepal. It particularly supports women from excluded and marginalised communities.

Even though RUWON is a young organisation, it has already implemented a number of projects in different parts of the country. They work mainly in the Kathmandu Valley and the Sindhuli district, in the eastern part of Nepal.

One of its projects is the Women's Literacy School. Women in the area attend various classes in the Nepali language, English, mathematics and dance every week at a local primary school.

Dhruba who teaches in the literacy school is also one of the founders of RUWON. He could have been a successful professor but instead chose to devote himself to the education of Nepalese women. His decision can be traced back to the influence of his mother. Dhruba said that “I could have never achieved my study and career without her support.”

His mother, a villager woman, is only able to write her name. She has encouraged her son to teach women how to read and write. After obtaining a master degree in education, Dhruba founded a school specialising in improving the personal skills and leadership techniques of women.

While Dhruba’s father never encouraged him to teach women in the village for free, his mother implanted in him the belief that “education brings changes.” Besides financial support, this uneducated woman has contributed to her son’s career in her own special way.

Dhruba is willing to promote education and the idea that “education improves lives” amongst the Nepalese mothers. He believes that mothers are the best teachers for their children because they play an important role. An open-minded mother can bring hope to a whole new generation of Nepalese children.

Dhruba G., RUWON, Nepal