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An Indian community where the people are our friends: the Kokamas

For 2 weeks, I used a boat to visit indigenous villagers along the river. We went to visit an Indian community – the Kokamas – where the people are our friends.

We spent several days chatting with them and they told us how much they wanted to work together to improve their lives; they wanted us to stay near to them. It’s lovely to see a people who are united and who hope for better days.

Next we went to visit an agricultural workplace several hours walk away in the forest, and we spent a morning producing acai ‘wine’ (non-fermented), a very nutritious drink made from the fruit of a palm tree.

The hardest thing is to climb the palm tree, which is very narrow and at least 15 metres high, in order to cut the heavy berries which have to be brought down without dropping them, otherwise the fruit rots. But they have a big celebration afterwards when they drink the wine.

Paco A., Brazil