An escape in the rainy night
Letter to Friends around the World # 86

Zaw MH, a student from Myanmar in South East Asia, has been writing poems since he was 15 as a way to support his country. Now 23 years old, he likes walking in the city and getting to know the people working in the streets. Then he writes about them to keep track of what he has learnt. This poem is about a father selling on the street at night, thinking of his children waiting for whatever he will be able to bring them.

I saw the sun falling down

I saw the tears touching ground

Thunder alarms the rain

Tiny trees stand erect on my skin

I wished for a plate of rice

I hoped for a breath of smoke

My blood says, Pa Pa, we are starving

My heart was in the deepest depth of grieving

I went out hoping to get a meal

I started to think my life failed

I came to talk to my dear sea

I saw my pleasure in the sea

A tiny rain-drop is nothing to the sea

Am I also a tiny drop to the world?

Waves echoed my name

Salty air took my soul away

My new friends gave me warm smiles

My new world was floating lives

It was a world full of vivid sight

It was an escape in the rainy night.