All Together Towards ZERO Poverty

A workshop for students was held at the Asian Institute of Technology. A number of topics were discussed, including: “What is extreme poverty from a multidimensional perspective?”, “Frugal innovation, social business and the Sustainable Development Goals”, and “Resilience and adaptability of people in poverty and the strength of the informal economy”.

There followed a presentation by Mrs Khun N., a member of the Thai Street Vendors for Sustainable Development, who said: “I am from the province, and my parents are poor rice farmers. For me, poverty means having ability, but lacking opportunity. When I finished primary school,I moved to Bangkok to look for a job, and to gain knowledge and experience. If I found work washing dishes or cooking food, I would take it as it allowed me to pay for my lessons. I also started to train in sales: For this you need to set a goal, have a particular service in  mind, offer consumers quality products, be honest with them, and give them a good service. Today, we still  experience hardship, but I want a better life for my children and for them to be able to have an education,  good jobs, and to live well.”

This presentation was followed by discussion among the participants.

The event was made possible thanks to partnerships between ATD Fourth World, Thammasat University, Asian Institute of Technology, Yunus Center and the Network of Thai Street Vendors for Sustainable Development.

Bangkok, Thaïland