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All the families are honored in Bukavu

The invited guests were able to comment on the different posters and illustrations proposed by the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty which is part of the International Movement ATD Fourth World.

These posters have made them think about different situations in their own lives.

Mirindi : "I come from Muhungu, I really liked the posters that highlight the talents of people and young people… I also appreciated the fact that the explanations and the details on the different panels are given by the young people themselves.  This makes you think that they are involved in actions that invite you to appreciate beauty and art...Tomorrow they will be responsible adults (parents, leaders) concerned about the talents in their society. I am a teacher and in my class I often insist on the fact that when you have a practical skill you are rarely without any kind of source of revenue. There is always a job to do. I encourage the young people here to continue working as they do for the community…"

André Kahiro Mulamba : "I come from Burhiba. I liked the poster from Bangladesh where it says "leave no-one behind", there are some children who are studying and others who are excluded. The poster shows these children huddled up together, they really want to study but there’s no room for them. The teacher has not given them that opportunity. This disgusts me and shows that some children from very poor families suffer in their classes. To build a sustainable society we need to connect with everybody, particularly with those who are the most excluded."