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2016-2017 - An Exceptional Mobilisation

2016 and 2017 will be exceptional years for those who continuously support the most abandoned people in their efforts to free themselves from the grip and violence of extreme poverty.

In 2016 we will begin to prepare a worldwide campaign to take place in 2017, a year marked by two significant dates:

  • the 30th anniversary of the World Day For Overcoming Extreme Poverty and of the Call engraved on the Commemorative Stone in honour of the victims of extreme poverty on 17 October 1987;

  • the centenary of Father Joseph Wresinski (12 February 1917) who launched this Day.

This worldwide mobilisation concerns you, correspondents and friends of the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty who regularly celebrate 17 October with depth and creativity. Indeed, its aim is to root daily commitments against poverty in the spirit and meaning of the 17 October, so that our “solemn duty” to come together spreads to the most remote corners of our world.

Within the framework of this mobilisation, the themes for the celebration of the 17 October have this time been considered for two years consecutively. From the consultations already undertaken, an agreement has been obtained on the themes presented below, although their formulation could change slightly:

- 2016:
From humiliation and exclusion to participation:
Achieving Human Rights for all

 - 2017:
Responding to the Call of October 17, 1987:
Breaking the silence around the violence of extreme poverty

In the light of your experience, do you agree to share your own understanding of these themes, and to comment on them? What thoughts or reflections do they inspire in you? Do they reflect what you are living today, what people and communities in which you are involved with are experiencing as well?

Your contributions will help to enrich the conceptual note which accompanies the theme every year.

We thank you very much.

Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty Team