Poverty and Human Rights

Extreme Poverty: A Violation of Human Rights
A Garden for the Children
The 'Dar al Atfal' children's home at Sidi Bernoussi in Casablanca welcomes about 300... Find out more

Initiatives for Change

Coming together to overcome poverty
Fighting against climate change: not without or against the poorest
Take part in our discussion forum. Everybody knows that the fight against extreme poverty and... Find out more

International Day - October 17

Leave No One Behind: Think, Decide and Act Together Against Extreme Poverty
17 October 2015 - Dar es Salaam
On the International Day for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty members of the international... Find out more

SDGs Project

Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2015-2030: Historic Developments, Timid Compromises
27 September: Heads of State at the United Nations are to adopt a final document with 17... Find out more

International mobilisation: 17 October 2015

The latest articles

International Committee for October 17 - Tricia McConalogue

Tricia McConalogue is the Director of Bridging-the-Gap, a charity in Scotland which seeks to build bridges for change in Glasgow. Bridging-the-Gap celebrate the good in their community, by providing the opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds to discover their common ground, overcome racism, sectarianism, territorialism and isolation.... Read more
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International Committee for October 17 - Mrs. Jyoti Tuladhar

Mrs. Jyoti Tuladhar, Ph.D., from Nepal, is International Consultant on Gender Issues and Social Development . She worked on women’s empowerment and development issues since 1990. She advocated for economic empowerment of women and gender equality, seeking to eliminate discrimination and exploitation, within the family, society and through... Read more
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International Committee for October 17 - Benoît Reboul-Salze

Mr. Benoît Reboul-Salze, is ATD Fourth World volunteer. He has a background of higher electronic technician. He is linked to the World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty since October 17, 1987, at the Trocadero. The belief that poverty is a violation of human rights has led him to constantly look that people of all backgrounds come together to... Read more
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International Committee for October 17 - Maximiliano Araujo Araujo

Maximiliano Araujo Araujo, writer, lawyer and notary, expert in cultural right, is a specialist in human rights. Adviser of the Ministry of Culture of Guatemala and former President of the Institution for Decentralization of Culture of Guatemala, he published 17 books. He was referenced in literature anthologies of Guatemala and Central America.... Read more
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International Press Release

International Committee for October 17: Appointment of Tricia McConalogue February 4, 2O16, Pierrelaye, France—We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Tricia McConalogue to the International Committee for October 17. The Committee was established in 2008 to promote and support the observance of the World Day for Overcoming... Read more
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