Poverty and Human Rights

Extreme Poverty: A Violation of Human Rights
Improving the situation of rural women
The ‘Victory for rural women’ organisation in Tunisia works with rural women. Hayat,... Find out more

Initiatives for Change

Coming together to overcome poverty
In this world, are we someone for other people?
"Many people talk about our problems; many people think that we are a problem, that we have... Find out more

International Day - October 17

Leave No One Behind: Think, Decide and Act Together Against Extreme Poverty
Themes suggested for October 17, 2015
It is important for the October 17 International Committee to consult field actors and people... Find out more

MDGs Project

Redefining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) after 2015
Challenge 2015: Towards Sustainable Development that Leaves No One Behind
The result of our participatory research on the Millennium Development Goals, Challenge 2015:... Find out more

International mobilisation: 17 October 2014

The latest articles


International Committee for October 17: Appointment of Kazuko Ito February 4, Pierrelaye, France—We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Kazuko Ito to the International Committee for October 17. The Committee was established in 2008 to promote and support the observance of the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, observed on... Read more
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Themes suggested for October 17, 2015

It is important for the October 17 International Committee to consult field actors and people living in extreme poverty before submitting a theme to the UNO for October 17. You organised an event in 2014 or the preceding years. You feel concerned by the issue. We suggest that you participate in a NEW DISCUSSION on the Forum by submitting your... Read more
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“Family time around the table“

In 2011 the Buenos Aires Food Bank, Argentina, started a new inter-agency programme called “Family time around the table“. The programme targeted the most excluded families, who we hadn’t been able to reach up until that point. This proposal took two years of preparation because it was necessary to find a new way of working:... Read more
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With solidarity and unity anything is possible

In Tanzania, a member of ATD Fourth World decided to experiment in a different way. When Reuben M. first left his village for the capital, he worked hard as a badly paid unskilled labourer, but he escaped this fate when he invented a lottery machine. Although this earned him money, he didn’t think it was a good thing to make money off the... Read more
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Communities can be strengthened by bringing people together

Bridging the Gap is a charity based in the Gorbals area of Glasgow with over 15 years experience of working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. They want to support families, create inclusive communities and inspire young people. To give children the best possible start in life we support parents by providing places for their... Read more
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