Poverty and Human Rights

Extreme Poverty: A Violation of Human Rights
Letter to Friends Around the World "Special Edition - 17 October 2017
Dear friends, We are happy to send you this special 17 October edition of our Letter to Friends... Find out more

All Together in Dignity: 2017 Campaign

Coming together to overcome poverty
STOP POVERTY: All Together in Dignity
One hundred years ago in France, Joseph Wresinski, ATD Fourth World's founder, was born in an... Find out more

International Day - October 17

Answering the Call of October 17 to end poverty: A path to peaceful and inclusive societies
Poster for 17 October 2017
You can download the poster in pdf format (in low and high resolution) Poster-Oct17-2017-LR -734... Find out more

International Relations

Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030
International Relations
Advocacy with international authorities Many of the Forum correspondents are involved in... Find out more

International mobilisation: 17 October 2017

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"30th International Day to Overcome Poverty"

It will be an open event with guests and participants from different districts of Dar Es Salaam, friends of the ATD Fourth World Movement will come from other regions as Njombe, Dodoma, Mbeya. There will be special performances of artists called Elegant Group, singing, drama. We will take opportunity to remind the roots of the Movement trough a... Read more

Verzet uit onverwachte hoek?! / On a une trop bonne idée!

ON A UNE TROP BONNE IDEE! Changer la société, lutter contre les inégalités et s’ouvrir à des manières de penser différentes, pas simple… Mais on a une trop bonne idée ! Et si on vous démontrait qu’une société plus juste, ça se construit avec tous et surtout avec les personnes les plus exclues ? Face aux violences de la... Read more

Gather, share, celebrate the 30th anniversary of October 17

Gather, share, celebrate the 30th anniversary of October 17 at George Square, 12 - 1pm around the commemorative stone with theatre, songs and testimonies from Glasgow and around the world, The event is free and open to everyone. It will be followed by a civic reception with the Lord Provost at the City Chambers. Read more

Calgary, Tuesday October 17, "HOPE" a spoken word performance to mark the United Nations' International Day to Eradicate Poverty.

'Poverty Talks! and its partners, Vibrant Communities Calgary, the Alex Community Food Centre, Knox Presbyterian Church, and The Genesis Centre proudly present "HOPE" a spoken word performance to mark the United Nations' International Day to Eradicate Poverty.   This year, our event will be hosted at the Genesis Centre, from... Read more

Care & concern reduces poverty - 2017

Shabnam children would join and hold a deeper discussion on eliminating the poverty with a sustainable effort.  Yes India has resources how we can be more interconnected to help each other, if need be can be outsourced The children would discuss and come out with some ideas and tips.    --  MICHAEL .R.HUBERT FOUNDER... Read more